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What are headband wigs?


If you are always looking out for trending wigs on social media, you will agree that headband wigs are currently blazing the trail. These wigs are perfect alternatives for those who do not want to apply a full wig. It does not require glue, combs, or clips, and it looks more natural than lace wigs. All you to need to do to rock this beautiful piece is to either braid your hair into cornrows or slick it down to the back. Headband wigs are the easy way out when you are tired of putting on lace or having hair extensions sewn to your hair.

 What Are Headband Wigs?

Headband wigs are partial wigs or half wigs with a headband in front; the wig and the headband are sewn on a soft wig cap. They are also referred to as half-wigs or no lace wigs because they begin almost halfway, from your forehead, while your natural hair stays in front. Headband wigs have an adjustable elastic strap, with tiny clips at the back of the wig. This strap enables it to have a hold on your head. 

Features of Headband Wig

  • Lightweight
  • Highly breathable mesh, which allows natural airflow
  • Adjustable straps with clips that ensures fitness
  • It does not fall off on its own except if removed
  • More comfortable than other traditional wigs
  • It gives a more natural look
  • Durable and affordable

Advantages of Headband Wigs 

  • Easy to Wear and Install

A headband wig is an easy wig for beginners ,it can be easily worn and styled without assistance. The easy-to-wear wig protects your hair from damage because of the absence of complexities like gluing, bleaching, plucking, sewing, and other installation  process associated with lace wigs.

  • Variety of Styles and Colors 

Headband wigs are highly versatile as they come in different styles and colors. Even if you decide to keep wearing only headband wigs, golden rule hair has enough headband wig styles to give you any look you desire. You can also opt for any length or texture of your choice  

  • Favorable to your Hairlines 

While wearing your headband wig, you can either cover or expose your hairline. Pulling it a little backward allows you to show off your natural hairline as well as well-defined edges. While pulling it forward will cover your hairlines, especially if you have scanty edges or have suffered a loss of hair.

  • Stylish and Fashionable 

This half wig is not only easy to wear; it also allows you to wear your wig with varieties of headbands and scarves in front of the wig. You can buy several African American headbands and change as often as you want to achieve a refreshing look.

  • Light and Easy

A Headband wig is a perfect wig for any beginner, it's easy to install, style, and light to carry. You can easily take it off and wear it back without any form of assistance.

Human hair headband wigs are light as natural air is also breathable and suitable for all times.

  • More affordable than other wigs

Headband wigs are cheaper than other types of wigs; they are machine made wigs, so they are more affordable. Purchasing a no-lace wig helps you save the cost of having a stylist install and remove your wig, as you can do both yourself

How Are Headband Wigs Installed?

You do not need to visit any hairstylist to install your headband wig. No-lace wig is an easy beginner wig that can be installed within few minutes with no help. Here are DIY procedures for installing headband wigs: 

  1. Run your finger through the wig to loosen all tangles or knots for easy brushing or combing, then brush or comb thoroughly. Always use wide tooth combs for curly headband wigs to preserve the curls and smaller combs for straight wigs. 
  2. Weave your hair into cornrows or slick it backward; you can also put on a wig cap to make it as flat as possible. If you want your natural hair or hairline outside, bring out the portion you want out.
  3. Place the wig over your head and tightly fasten the adjustable clips that come with your wig in the back and front. Steadily adjust the wig until it feels comfortable.
  4. Pack your hair up and hold with a clip, then adjust and clip the original headband at the back (to ensure fitness) and then drop the hair. 
  5. Go ahead and style into a messy bun, ponytail or stretch out with flat iron. Place any colorful headband of your choice on the already existing headband or use the already existing headband. 

How to Care for Headband Wigs

The headband wigs are not hard to maintain. A simple wash and rinse with any mild shampoo and conditioner in warm water can keep your wig in good shape. One can follow a few tips to do the work as follows:

  1. Brush or comb out every tangle of knots
  2. Wash gently with any mild shampoo in a bowl of warm water
  3. Rinse it out and wash again with a conditioner
  4. Pat hair with a towel to dry out all moisture.
  5. Brush again and air dry.
  6. Hang on wigs stand when not in use.

 How Long Can My Headband Wig Last?

The longevity of your wig depends largely on your wig's quality and how well you care for it. A golden rule human hair headband wig can last from 6months to 1 year when handled with care.




No doubt, headband wig has many advantages ranging from comfort to cost and installation process. So many wig wearers are switching to this simple and trending fashion that is not leaving us soon.

Golden rule hair offers affordable and quality headband wigs that can be styled into any style of your choice. It is a lifesaver for unexpected meetings and busy days. No glue, no lace, just wear your headband wig and be on the move. 


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